14th of May, finally the lockdown is coming to an end!!

Covid Free villas

"14th of May, finally the lockdown is coming to an end!!"

Finally, lockdown is coming to an end, Greek Tourism Minister says!!

14th of May our borders will open again for tourism and we are super excited!!

The weather is getting better and better here in Greece and people are happier. The weather is helping us a lot and the spirit is getting higher and higher. We are under preparations for the big opening and we cross our figures that everything will get better soon.

Masks Save Lives


For sure masks are important nowadays but freedom is even more important and that is the meaning of Life, FREEDOM!!

People that have visited us and they know my beliefs, they know that I am a free spirit, difficult to live in a cage. I love what I do for a living and I am proud of our Greek Hospitality, our honesty, our service, our accommodation.

Basis the above and as I am a positive person, I believe that better days are coming. Live the present and enjoy your life. A positive place, Vino Houses, full of light is waiting for you in the busy Santorini to make you relax and forget these difficult days.


Positive Emotions
Positive Emotions


14th of May will be a day to start again our life and take the control of it. The blue, magical waters are waiting for all of us! Magical sunsets are also there. And of course, Vino Houses is there, with fresh ideas and big smiles.

The Mediterranean sun is full of vitamin D, the salty waters are full of passion and energy so don’t forget to leave some space in your luggage in order to take with you, your memorable holidays on Santorini!

Get your luggage ready and dream of Santorini and Vino Houses! Visit us and live a unique experience with our famous Greek Hospitality!!

Looking forward to welcoming you to our little paradise!

Warm regards and big hugs,







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