1st thing to do in Santorini is the sunset cruise!


"1st thing to do in Santorini is the sunset cruise!"


1st thing that you must do while you visit Santorini is the sunset cruise!!

It is a must for the following reasons:

  • You enjoy the amazing colors of the sunset in privacy.
  • No matter if you are a couple or a family, the feelings are unique.
  • A glass of wine can travel you further.
  • The view is the sea, the sun and the happy face of your company.
  • And so many other reasons …

A minivan is picking you up from Vino Houses and lead you to the fish port where the cruise will start! A relaxing way to start your day!

While you enjoy this cruise you visit the famous “hot springs” of the volcano where you feel the difference on your skin from the volcanic minerals. The waters are warm, not hot, orange, full of energy. As you swim you feel the energy of the environment and you admire the unique surrounding. At the edges, you can see the bubbles coming up and you can try to catch them!


Sunset from the sea
A unique experience is to enjoy this amazing sunset from a boat, more quiet and private.


The captain takes you always next to the Caldera and you can have a close view of the levels of the soil (before the eruption, during the eruption, and after), you can see the veins, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Caldera and this unusual environment.

Volcano of Santorini
Volcano of Santorini and its crater.


At the famous “Red Beach” the crew prepares BBQ on the boat and you enjoy Greek food! Greek salad, Greek starters, Greek BBQ, and at the end Greek yogurt with sweet cherry. Don’t forget your glass of local wine!! It is an amazing meal, full of taste and flavors.


Greek salad
The famous Greek salad, the flavors are amazing!!


Before the end of the cruise, the boat stops at the most famous spot on the island and you can admire and get one with the famous sunset of Santorini. You can see the sun diving into the sea in front of your eyes away from the crowd. A unique view!!

In the end, the boat calls Ammoudi fish port where a minivan is waiting for you to bring you back “home” to Vino Houses, where your soft mattress, your privacy, your 70 sqm home is waiting for you.

Come and let us guide you to our unique island with our local way and enjoy our Greek hospitality!!

Hugs and kisses to all of you!







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