2021 Summer is here!!

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"2021 Summer is here!!"

Finally, 2021 summer is here and we are ready to welcome you!!

We know very well that it is not a normal summer, we fully understand your worries, we worked during the winter in order to be more organized for the rules and the restrictions that we have to follow. We are and will be here for you and you know it.

We care for you!

Vino Houses is caring for you and your beloved ones!

In Vino Houses, you enjoy private check-in, private entrance at your villa, private breakfast at your veranda, and of course your private concierge. Upon your arrival, we offer you our custom map of our beautiful island and we guide you around. It is nice to keep your notes on it and to take it back at home as a caring, beautiful memory!

2021 summer has nothing to compare with the previous ones, we know that but has also some advantages compared to the previous ones. It will not be so busy!! You will be able to enjoy the island more than ever! You will enjoy more our famous Greek hospitality.

The sun is strong, the sea starts to be warmer and warmer. The island is full of white and blue properties, fresh, well maintained and people are wearing their big, bright smiles in order to welcome you! Our famous red, black and white beaches are there for you. They are not big but they are unique!

2021 summer will not be the same as next summer, will not be the same with any future summer. This summer will be unique, with good and bad feelings but in the end, we make the finish of our story, so you decide which end you will have this summer. Come and visit Vino Houses and have us as your co-pilot to this strange and difficult but beautiful summer!

Come to Greece and enjoy our hospitality, come and see with your eyes, why Greece is unique!!

We care for you as we care for our family because you are part of our family!





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