7 Things to do in Oia

Oia Santorini

"7 Things to do in Oia"


Things to do in Oia are not few if you consider that it is just a small village. Let us see some with my eyes, my passion for all of you with love!!


Nautical museum in Oia
The naval museum is the history of the village in just one museum.
  • The Naval Museum is a « must-see » museum on the island. It is not so famous but in it, you can feel and smell the long history of this village. In it, you can see parts of the boats with which they used to travel in the Mediterranean. Things from their houses and few more items to admire!


Captain's house
Captain’s houses are famous in Oia for their architecture.
  • One more « thing to see » in Oia. Full of colors, with beautiful architecture, with big verandas and balconies. Captains in Oia used to have the most beautiful houses on the island with a long history. When a boat used to leave or return to the island, the families used to get to the balconies and wave to their beloved ones.


Castle of Oia
The castle of Oia is the most famous on the island. It is Venetian style with the greatest view of the sunset.


  • Something you have to enjoy, while you visit Santorini. From there you can enjoy the famous sunset of Oia. From there you can see the sun diving into the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean. The feelings are unique and you have to be there early in order to have the best spot.
Sunset from the sea
A unique experience is to enjoy this amazing sunset from a boat, more quiet and private.


  • « Love to do thing » in Oia!! A unique experience that will be transformed into a long-lasting memory. Nobody can leave our island without enjoying a cruise, especially a sunset cruise. No words can describe the feelings that you get.
Amoudi bay
Amoudi Bay is the most famous fish port of Oia!
  • Amoudi Bay is the most famous fish port of Oia with a lot of taverns where you can enjoy fresh fish cooked with Mediterranean herbs and fresh lemon! Also, you can walk on the rocks and visit « Saint Nicolas » island, where you climb and jump into the blue waters.  If you like adrenaline, it is a « must-do thing » in Oia.


Armeni port
Armeni port, a hidden jewel of Oia!!


  • Armeni port is a hidden jewel of the island. A small restaurant is waiting for you with fresh fish and a natural environment full of Santorinian colors, black and red!


Hiking from Oia to Fira
Hiking from Oia to Fira for the brave ones!


  • Hiking from Oia to Fira is 3 hours walk, on the cliff of the island with an amazing view and the company of the wild birds. If you like hiking then it is another « thing to do » on our magnificent island. Don’t forget to bring your sports shoes and suncream for the strong sun!!

I will revert to other « Things To Do » for the other villages of our beautiful island!! Keep following us and enjoy our company from your home with love from us!!

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1st thing to do in Santorini is the sunset cruise!

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