Dear Yota, Aida & Blackie,

Has, our time in Nykteri, and in Santorini, draft to a close. Our first holiday in over two years has found us needing to remember how to be tourists.

Our first holiday ever as parents saw as stepping into the unknown on several levels.

Any trepidation need not have been felt. We’ve had an absolutely wonderful eight days staying with you all, felt such a warm welcome throughout our stay, to a family atmosphere.

Aida – thank you for kindly bringing us breakfast every day – Esme LOVED your scrambled eggs (and so did we!) and for making up our rooms each day.

Yota – we’ve genuinely loved talking with you. You’re an international and cool person, and Esme gave you her blessing, so what higher praise can there be???? Seriously, thanks for such a lovely time.

Blackie. Well, what can I say? The “piece de resistance”. You devilish, smooth little doggy. Thank you for being such a wonderfully friendly guy. For letting us make a fuss of you and for being so wonderful with Esme. Each time she would see you, she would squeal with delight.

I’ve learnt several things here.  1. I’ve yet to write about the island itself, because; 2. My handwriting is too big, and; 3. I now have writer’s cramp and my handwriting is fast deteriorating.

Santorini has given us a beautiful time and wonderful memories.

We hope to return. For now, back to the UK’s cold weather.

Alex, Vaia & Esme