Oia Santorini

Things to do in Oia

  Things to do in Oia are not few if you consider that it is just a small village. Let us see some with my

Greek Traditional Dance

Greek Traditional Dance

Greek Traditional Dance is famous worldwide for the feelings that give, for the freedom! Greek Government made this video as a rhapsody for our liberation


THANKFUL MEMORIES FROM SANTORINI!! For us, “WINTER” means thankfulness, blessed, pride, friendships, dreams, hopes, love, smiles, and so many other positive thoughts. We need to


  SAFETY FIRST THEN A LUXURY ACCOMMODATION IS WAITING!!   During the past winter, we all started to think and tried to understand what is

Vinsanto Wine = Vinsanto Villa

  The most famous Santorinian Wine! Vinsanto is a local wine, full of flower flavors, sweet, ideal for desserts. It has a sweet red color