During the past winter, we all started to think and tried to understand what is COVID-19, what we have to do, how to protect ourselves… During the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, Greece has timely taken all necessary measures that effectively slowed down its spread in the country.

For us, it wasn’t just these thoughts, we were thinking what to do, what to change, how to do things just for you to feel more safe, comfortable, private in your villa. Not to disturb you, but to have the appropriate cleaning materials for you to feel the safety. In Vino Houses, we tried to be next to you on these difficult days without you to know, without stressing you, without big words but with actions. It is not easy to run a luxury accommodation with all these demands.

Then Agencies started to call us, text us, to follow their rules, to give us ideas and there were moments that I was feeling so proud as I had implemented some of these ideas since our opening in 2017! Yes, I am proud of what we do here and I am more proud of all the friendships that I have created by now. Vino Houses have friends all around the World. It is a small, luxury accommodation in Santorini but with a big heart that can fit all their new friends.

The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) still publishes the map of Greece, as partly green. You feel safe as soon as you land at our airports. With the Passengers’ Locator Form (PLF), Greece shown how organized can be as a country. Santorini has an international airport and although we have received a lot of charter flights, normal flights, we still made it to keep it green.

In Santorini and on all our islands, you can breathe freely, you can keep a distance from each other without fear!

In Vino Houses, our villas are spacious and with the privacy that you enjoy, you feel from the first moment that you have done the right choice. You feel safe, you relax and by the end, you have forgotten the virus.

You can find updated information about Greece and COVID-19 at the following link: COVID-19

We will stay updated, we will do webinars, we will keep asking but most of all we will keep you in our hearts and you will warm us during the difficult winter to come!!

Thanks for your support all these years and for your trust. It is nice to feel that people from far away are still texting you to see how you are!

Vino Houses and Santorini will always be in your hearts and you will always be in ours!!


14th of May, finally the lockdown is coming to an end!!

2021 Summer is here!!

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