Greek Traditional Dance

Greek Traditional Dance

"Greek Traditional Dance"

Greek Traditional Dance is famous worldwide for the feelings that give, for the freedom!

Greek Government made this video as a rhapsody for our liberation after 200 years.

Put the volume loud, close your eyes and leave your soul free to move your body. Let this Greek Dance lead you to your own ecstasy and feel the Greek rhythm.

This is Greek Hospitality, Greek Dance, a big smile, and a bigger heart.

I cannot stop hearing it, feeling it, and dance with it. You can see the way the bodies move, the eyes, the souls, how the kids (our future) interfere, how they “dance” in a circle. So many feelings, such freedom, and nowadays we need freedom more than anything.

A free translation of this magnificent song is :

Let keep dancing and when we will be gathered we will be united. George starts to dance and John starts to sing un-written songs. When the night will come, little Alkis will come with the Rock of the future. The sky will have small lights and you will be able to see them on the surface of the sea. Then Helena is coming with Tasos and with closed eyes, they sing. It is nobody’s fault, we have a long-lasting history, let dance in circles with Greek traditional songs. Let our routes dance together with the rock of the future. Let’s be united, let’s make the circle of life!!

Greek Traditional Dance
Greek Traditional Dance


Keep this song, keep this Greek dance into your soul, and dream your own freedom, your own dreams, your own holidays. Holidays are the most important part of our life during the year, it is the only nice thing that we have these days. So dream a Greek island, Greek hospitality, dream of Santorini, dream of Vino Houses, and our Greek hospitality.

Visit Greece, dance a Greek Traditional Dance, and be united with the locals!

Be part of our history!

Become a Greek!!

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