Local vineyards



Harvest season and Vino Houses are synonyms!!

Smell nature! 

Harvest season has started and the smell of the grapes and the production of the wine makes you drunk.

Local people start from very early in the morning, before the sun goes up, to gather the grapes and the festive starts with songs, sun, and a lot of work, but never give up singing and making jokes! It is not easy to gather grapes by hand and especially in Santorini where the vines are low as we want to keep the humidity from the evening and to be protected from the hard sun during the day and like this, the grapes grow protected from the mother nature like the mother hold her baby!

In Vino Houses, you can live all this festive just by sitting at your luxury accommodation. From all our verandas you can enjoy the harvest of the grapes since early in the morning from the land right next to us! You feel, you smell, you get one with the locals and even visit them and try grapes directly from the vines. All these are taking place in mid up to the end of August.

Every day you wake up drunk from the smell of the production of the wine from the winery right below from us! In just 100m we have a small, traditional winery where you can enjoy wine tasting, lunch, or dinner in a very calm environment and then return to Vino Houses and relax at your luxury accommodation.

Almost every local house has a private production of wine. We have caves that we keep the barrels at the correct temperature and when it is ready, we have a new reason to make a new festive. Greeks like to sing and dance, by this we try to find excuses to make new festive.

All villas in Vino Houses have names from wines, one is called Nykteri villa, this is more appropriate for families with small children as the pool is at the same level as the veranda. Athiri villa is ideal for couples due to the arche of the pool and Vinsanto villa, at the top of the complex looking from the above all the place around with more privacy!

Nykteri is the wine that we produce the first day that we harvest the grapes. The night shouldn’t find them unmade. Wine must be in the barrels before the end of the day.

Athiri is a white, fruity wine, ideal for a fresh fish with a nice view or next to the sea!!

Vinsanto is a wine that the grapes stay under the sun for days, relaxing and getting stronger and stronger. Then we make the wine and we enjoy it with an elegant dessert or even better with fresh fruits.

I admire many times our visitors (new friends) relaxing at their verandas with a glass of wine, enjoying a nice freshly homemade meal with local products. Vino Houses is a private complex of villas very near to the busy center of Oia, ideal for people who want their privacy or for families, who want to relax away from the crowd.

Santorini is famous for her wines, especially for the white ones and of course for the sweet, elegant Vinsanto. Santorini’s wines are exported in many countries around the world, with many awards and are ready to be tasted from all of you!

Santorini is full of wineries, where you can enjoy wine tasting with many varieties of wines!!

Our unique island, Santorini and our luxury accommodation, Vino Houses are looking forward to welcoming you!!




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