Vacation in Oia, Santorini

The Beautiful Nymph of Aegean


Santorini or Thira is one of the most popular Greek islands, part of the Cyclades group of islands, and famous worldwide for being a cosmopolitan center and one of the greatest, traveling destinations. Best known for its undeniable, natural beauty, its majestic sunset, and, of course, the Santorinian Volcano.

The biggest eruption of the Volcano took place in 1600 BC. In combination with the island’s supreme, technological advancement at the time, it is speculated to be one of the 5 most likely locations of the Lost Atlantis. It remains today a big pole of attraction for people all around the globe since its site leaves everyone with a distinct sense of awe! The classic, whitewashed buildings of Cycladic architecture contribute to its beauty and appeal.

Don’t miss the chance to visit this wonderful Island!


Oia, known for its charming beauty and its incredible landscape on top of a massive cliff, offers the best view of the Volcano. The captain houses, the blue-domed churches, the local stores, taverns, and cafes, as well as the cultural attractions will most certainly inspire you to the unique, cosmopolitan, yet tranquil lifestyle of Santorini.


Finikia is a traditional suburb of Oia, full of colorful buildings. The church Saint Matrona is the most well known, while there’s also a big gathering with people from every place of Santorini, during the big celebration on October 20th. It is a grand feast with food, wine, and music that you shouldn’t miss!


They say that doing things is the best way to explore such an inspiring place as Santorini. Selecting between plenty of options available and exciting things to do, we are committed to providing you with the best possible concierge services, special guidance in person, a free map, as well as with any other help you may need.

From tailor-made cruises and excursions to sports activities like e-bike tours, snorkeling adventures under the sea, kayaking, donkey riding experiences, or morning/noon visits to old villages, secluded beaches, and wine-tasting guided tours to traditional wineries.

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