Jasmin, Yasmin & Nazmeen – UK – 12/May/17

"Jasmin, Yasmin & Nazmeen – UK – 12/May/17"

Dear Yota,

Where shall I begin? This was our first sister’s holiday and our first time to see the beauty of Greece – we are so happy to have stayed here!

We went from Athens to Santorini, and this was the best experience of our lives from the culture, the views, way of life, VINO Houses, beautiful sunsets and amazing hospitality from yourself, it is truly unforgettable!

I cannot wait to come back again!!!

We would just like to thank you for being the greatest host, we really felt like we were living in complete serenity and luxury here. Thank you for offering to help when we needed suggestions, nothing was too much of a bother for you. We are extremely happy that you came out here on our last night to help us find some delicious Greek food for delivery so we could make the most of our stay.

We appreciate all you have done for us, and we cannot wait to recommend this beautiful house!

Lots of love from your favorite UK sisters, xxx

Jasmin, Yasmin & Nazmeen

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