OIA – One and only!!


"OIA – One and only!!"

OIA – One and only!!


Dear Visitor of Vino Houses Santorini,

I like to travel a lot and get knowing new cultures, the history of a country and the people but I don’t know if I have ever seen (up to now of course) something so unique as our village, Oia, with this Caldera and this sunset.

The pictured little, white houses, the white churches with the blue domes, and finally at the end of the pedestrian road the famous sunset… You can walk and can be lost in these small streets with all these cozy shops, the pastry shop with their fresh sweets and the big variety of taverns and restaurants, that you don’t know of which to choose. Still, I haven’t tasted all of them and again they surprise me with the quality of the food that they serve and the presentation. Each plate is a masterpiece!!

In Oia, you can enjoy the night all the lights from the jacuzzi and the pools right below your foot but have in mind that visitors don’t like to be photographed while they are relaxing from a hot day at their balconies, so please don’t take so many pictures of them.

On the other hand, while you are staying in Vino Houses there is no reason to be stressed if somebody is looking at you or taking photos of you because you can be sure that you have your privacy day and night. There are few places on Santorini where you can enjoy luxury accommodation like Vino Houses offers and to be so close to the most famous village on the island.

Oia is also famous for the unique bookstore called “Atlantis Books”. It is worldwide famous for the old manuscripts, books, and pictures of Santorini and not only. Even when you enter into the store you can feel the history around you and you can spend hours in it if you like to do so. At least a small visit to it worth it for sure!

Another nice place to visit while you are visiting Oia is the “Nautical Museum”. It is very old and you can see the history of the village as well as the “Captain-houses” in many corners of the streets. Each village used to have either seamen or farmers. Oia used to have seamen and especially “Captains” and that’s why it was always a rich, decision-making village.

In the end, I want to say about our famous sunset!!! It is something that cannot be missed and depending on the month you can enjoy different colors. In June the weather, the temperature, and the colors of the sunset are unique. It is not so crowded as in July and August but again the castle, where we stand for the sunset, is very crowded. But when you are relaxing at your jacuzzi of Vinsanto villa in Vino Houses, with a glass of local wine, your privacy and you have your own partly sunset then you feel the luxury accommodation that you worth it! From Athiri villa, again you can enjoy partly the colours of the famous sunset from your jacuzzi with a glass of local wine and your privacy. Imagine yourself having a fresh homemade dinner with vegetables from our garden and the colors of the sunset relaxing you and making you travel with your mind wherever you wish…

When you visit Santorini and you want to be close to the busy center of Oia (only 5 minutes by car) but on the other hand you want your privacy and you want your parking place to be next to you and not far away and you want your breakfast to have bio vegetables from the garden and you want your big luxury accommodation and you want your luxury French amenities then you know where you have to stay!! Vino Houses is there for you with a big smile ready to serve you!

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