The Netherlands

Dear Yota,

We really want to thank you for a lovely holiday.

We will never forget Santorini, Oia & Vino Houses.

The apartment is really beautiful (and clean everyday), the breakfast was perfect and the view with the

sunset every night was the finishing touch.

Thanks for making our engagement so special and perfect!

Mia has a new best friend and she will miss you! (And we will too!).

All the love for you and your family and we hope to come back sometime!

Gijs, Amber & Mia

(The Netherlands)

Dear Yota,

We have enjoyed your hospitality, your kindness, and the very beautiful apartment.

We felt very welcome. Thank you for that.

As we talk about Santorini …. we can only say, what a beautiful island. We have seen parts of it by bike, by bus, on foot, and by car.

The weather was the finishing touch.

All together we had a fantastic, relaxing holiday.

We felt spoiled with the delicious breakfast, room service every day (thanks for the kind care of our lady in white), and the freedom and tranquility.

Thank you for your accessibility and care.

Vino Houses is highly recommended.

In Dutch we say again.

Dank je wel!!!

Dick and Jose

Dear Yota,

We really loved our stay at Vino Houses and your kindness. Nothing was too much, we could ask you everything.

Rented quads, reservation to a nice restaurant, other tips, talk about our dogs.

The apartment was excellent. Great beds. Nice outdoor area.

But we also liked the breakfast!! Served at the house at a time we can choose, and so many lovely things.

Good luck with Vino Houses, and hope many more visitors may enjoy and experience your hospitality.

Lots of love and best wishes,

Sandra, Michel, Lars & Kyra


friends for ever
friends forever


Dear Yota,

We enjoyed every minute/second on Santorini.

Thank you so much for being such an amazing host and guide. Every recommendation you gave us was perfect! Vino Houses will always be our oasis in the middle of Santorini. Cannot wait to be back and see you in the future.

Lots of love and kisses,

Sylwia and Hanna

Dear Yota,

Thank you for our wonderful stay, we really enjoyed Santorini and the beautiful sunsets.

Your house was truly lovely and you made us feel very welcome.

We really enjoyed our food.

Jo, Neil, Sam and Lola

Dear Yota,

We enjoyed our stay at your Vino Houses.

We didn’t stay long but enough to appreciate your smile and kindness.

The house we stayed in was beautifully decorated and we loved the outdoor jacuzzi.

Thank you for these few days.

Judy and Teina

P.S. Thanks again for the late check-out and the breakfast every morning was perfect!

Dear Yota,

Thank you so much for a truly wonderful stay.

The villa was perfect after such a long time waiting (one cancelled trip due to COVID).

We swam, we ate, we enjoyed your cooking.

Nothing was ever too much trouble – you made everything easy.

We will be back.

Nicky, Charlie, Victor and Iris

Dorset, U.K.

Thank you for a great stay.

Perfect for the family stay.

Peter, Jenny, Tristan, and Anden

Hong Kong

July ’21

Evelyn and Blacky


We so enjoyed our time at the villas. Your assistance with all the things made our trip amazing. Your vendor recommendations were fantastic and your restaurant recommendations were phenomenal. We had such an amazing time. The villas are perfect with sweet views and spacious! I couldn’t imagine a more relaxing and pleasant place to stay.

Plus the breakfast and drinks were fantastic.

We truly enjoyed our trip and couldn’t be met also by a better hostess! That made our holidays amazing!

Melisa, Frank, and Evelyn

P.S Thank you so much for letting me hang out with Blacky! He’s an amazing dog and super sweet! I loved getting to play, fetch with him and also cuddle with him! I will miss him a lot!

From, Evelyn

Silvia and Yota

Dear Yota,

Your, Vino Houses is a paradise place.

We enjoyed our stay to the fullest and we are sad to leave you today. But we will come back, be sure!

You’re such a passionate hostess and you can see in everything that you really love what you do.

You are always there, no matter what it is about: last-minute restaurants reservations, beach or sightseeing recommendations, and everything.

Our stay was perfect, the villas are so lovingly decorated and our mornings with the nice view and your great breakfast were pure relaxation.

Everything fits together here and is so familiar. We would like to thank you very much for these unforgettable days, and Lara misses Blacky already…

Warm regards,

Lara, Silvia, and Daniel

Παίρνουμε μαζί μας όλη την χαρά που μας έδωσες και γυρνάμε πίσω γεμάτοι!!

Ήταν όλα υπέροχα, τέλεια, φανταστικά!

Γιώτα, σε ευχαριστούμε πάρα πολύ! (μην χαθούμε)

Μπλάκυ, να προσέχεις τη μαμά σου!