Sunset (unique views of the sea and the sun getting to be one)


Admire (what the nature created on this island)


Nature (it smells sea, sun, food, dreams, experience and so many others)


Trust (Greek hospitality)


Oramatism (your holidays)


Remember (for a lifetime)


Idea (as everything starts)


Near (to the one of the most famous volcano of the World)


Imagine (all the things that you want to do, to feel, to smell, to taste, to dream about)


This is our vocabulary for our unique Santorini and I can write even more because the feelings that you receive from the first moment that you arrive are stunning!

Vino Houses is located in Oia, the most famous village of this beautiful island in a priviledged surrounding, hidden in the vineyards away from the crowd. Although we are only 5 minutes by car from the center of the village, Vino Houses is hanging down from the traditional suberb of Oia, Finikia.

Santorini has a main port, where when you arrive you enjoy a breathtaking view of the famous Caldera. I am pretty sure that before your disembarkation you have taken a lot of photos. And then, the only road that takes you up of the Caldera to the top of the island, makes you feel that you will enjoy a unique experience.

Santorini has an international airport, where you can land with many direct flights from the main cities of Europe. When you are about to land you can enjoy the view of the Greek beaches, the nature and when you land, you can breath the nature and start to believe that you are on your dream island.

The roads, which are like snakes,everything around you makes you wonder, how did this island has been created? How this crater is still active, this view, the blue waters, the smells from the nature, the relaxation feelings that you receive from the smiles of the locals. Where am I? You are right, you are on one of the most famous Greek islands, SANTORINI.

When you arrive at the door of Vino Houses with your luxury mini van or with your own mean and one of us, is waiting for you with a big smile then you feel that your dream starts to be materialized. The garden with the local colors, the calmness and how well it is organised makes you feel that we love what we do, we are here for you. A map of the island with all the highlights of it and with your favorite pictures of Vino Houses on the other side is waiting for you to be your company for your whole stay.

As soon as you enter into your villa you don’t believe the luxury accommodation that you have choosen to enjoy this magnificent island. The views, the privacy, the luxury, the materials, the king beds, the amenities, the soft bathrobes, …. These are some of the first impressions that you have upon arrival. The luxury accommodation is not only of these, it is also the service that you receive. Your freshly homemade breakfast is served at your veranda everyday hot and on your requested time only for you!

Below from Vino Houses is a small but famous winery called Domaine Sigalas, where you can enjoy wine tasting or a freshly made meal from a small variety of dishes.

Above Vino Houses is traditional suberb of Oia, Finikia. There you can find 3 taverns and a mini market for your needs. In this old village you can visit a very old Orthodox church called “Saint Matrona”, very famous to the village and the whole island for its nameday celebration on 20th of October.

This is our first blog and I cannot stop writing for this magnificent island and for the luxury accommodation that Vino Houses can provide you. Stay in touch and we will guide you around Santorini with every detail that you need in order to became a local and to have a home away from home!!

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