Vinsanto Wine = Vinsanto Villa


"Vinsanto Wine = Vinsanto Villa"


Vinsanto Wine!

The most famous Santorinian Wine!

Vinsanto is a local wine, full of flower flavors, sweet, ideal for desserts. It has a sweet red color full of passionate feelings. It is a must-try when you will visit a winery on Santorini. Each sip is an unforgettable dream. Because of this, we, as Vino Houses decided to give this beautiful name to our villa on the top of our complex. But it is not only this, it is part of our luxury accommodation, with a panoramic view of the sea and the nearby vineyards. Its jacuzzi has a partly, private view of the sunset and with a glass of local wine and a nice company, you can relax and enjoy this unique island.

Santorini is famous for the white, dry wines and for the sweet Vinsanto wine. Vino Houses is located in the vineyards and when the season of the harvest is coming you can watch the gathering of the grapes and smell, from the nearby winery, the production of the wine. It is an intoxicating season that can last in your memory forever!!

Vinsanto villa has two private verandas where from the front one you can enjoy the view of the sea and the sunrise and from the back veranda, you can enjoy the sunset view, Finikia village, and the vineyards.

The daily breeze travels you to the tastes of the Mediterranean and embraces you with the deep blue color of the sea!

In the entrance of the villa, the wooden light in the living room is custom for it and in one of the bedrooms there is a loft with a small window overlooking to the traditional village « Finikia ».

Vino Houses is a luxury accommodation very close to the center of Oia, Santorini but on the other hand in a very relaxing environment. In Santorini is difficult to find a similar place, so close to the center of Oia and on the other hand in such a quiet, relaxing environment.  The breakfast is fresh, homemade every day with bioproducts from our garden.

Vino Houses is here to welcome you and to guide you to our beautiful Santorini with pleasure!!


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