For us, “WINTER” means thankfulness, blessed, pride, friendships, dreams, hopes, love, smiles, and so many other positive thoughts. We need to express our feelings to all of you!

As we relax next to the fireplace with a nice glass of Santorinian wine and thinking about all of what 2020 brought us, we sometimes smile and others times make us wonder, why … We cannot fix the world but we can make some people smile, dream, relax, enjoy and have nice memories from their holidays, which are very important for all of us.

Vino Houses is a luxury accommodation for people who want to remember Santorini as a local and not as a rush tourist. A place with privacy, luxury, great service, and for sure for strong feelings.

Winter makes us remember our previous holidays, share them at a festive table with family and friends, and program our next holidays. We shouldn’t leave bad memories or bad feelings stop us from dreaming. We are strong, creative beings, ready to decide on our lives. So stay positive and keep dreaming!

A new era is coming and we should be ready to enjoy it with happiness and positive thoughts. Santorini is a unique island that can “sail” you to your most demanding dreams. Now that winter is here and cold is outside, it is demanding to dream for a summer, luxury accommodation on a Greek island like “Vino Houses” with its positive energy which is always ready to welcome you.

Winter is a season to work hard and to dream for us and our family. To earn some money in order to use them for our pleasure, our holidays. Christmas holidays are coming and will not be the same, as before. We will stay at home, we will not travel but nothing can stand in between us and our summer dreams.

Keep us in your hearts and keep smiling with the memory of Vino Houses, with the memory of this magnificent island called Santorini.

For you that you haven’t visited Santorini yet, I think it’s time to start thinking of this famous island, but don’t be stressed with all the organizations, Vino Houses is here, ready to support you from your first thought. You can see our reviews and understand how caring we are in Vino Houses for our visitors (new friends)!

We, already, have started making Vino Houses more beautiful for next season and we dream of your holidays as being ours! We enjoy Vino Houses as you do!

VINO HOUSES is your luxury accommodation and it is located on this unique island, Santorini, waiting for you! You have just to keep dreaming! And a nice Santorinian glass of wine is waiting for you also!



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