Dear Yota,

Thanks for sharing the beautiful Vino Houses with us.

We really enjoyed also getting to know you and your family!

You added to making this trip very special!

We hope if you visit London you will look us up as we would very much like to see you again.

We are sad to be leaving as we have loved being here + Greece.

We wish all the best with everything that may live to bring you love, happiness, laughter, and all your dreams come true.

All the best

Emile + Eric

My dearest Yota, Konstantine & Blacky,

First of all to say thank you for everything you’ve done and made our holidays really special. The place you have is more than just accommodation, it is about the hospitality and love you’ve given us. The houses are beautifully decorated and def make you feel like home. We leave this place with beautiful memories that surely we will always remember. We truly enjoyed our long chats at night under the stars without having to worry about time and just enjoying ourselves.

Yota, we hope to see you in London in November, please keep us posted about your travel arrangements.

Konstantine, you are a great kid full of energy and love. There is a whole new world outside to discover and once you are ready, we hope to see you in London.

We really enjoyed your company as much as I hope you enjoyed ours.

As someone said to me once: A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers.

With Love,

Eric & Emile

PS: Blackyyyyy, we’ll miss you