Dearest Yota & family,

Where to begin? We didn’t know which island we wanted to visit, but your stellar reputation and the wonderful reviews of Vino Houses lead us to Santorini, but more importantly to you and your amazing family.

From the purple sunsets to the black sand beaches and the cool blue water, Santorini is truly wonderous, but it is you, Yota, and Vino Houses that made our trip magical. We will never forget our time here and hope to return soon. We are not ready to leave and will miss playing Jenga and discussing the future of the World. Your family created something beautiful and we are so grateful you decided to share it with the World. All of your sacrifices and hard work show in everything you do (and in this book)! We wish much love, peace, and happiness to you, George, Frank, and Konstantinos. If you ever visit California, please make sure to let us know!


Mike & Erika

San Francisco, California

PS. Blacky,

Please get well soon and stay out of troubles