Dear Yota,

Thank you so much for making our first trip to Santorini so memorable.

From the moment we arrived your kindness, generosity, and hospitality were overwhelming, and we absolutely loved everything about Vino Houses.

We are very much looking forward to coming back to visit very soon!



Dear Yota & Vino Houses team,

As seen by the message left by our eldest, Annabelle, we have enjoyed our time here. You have made our holiday restful & everything we needed.

We hope to come back one day and tell our family & friends about your lovely place.

Thank you!




Dear Yota,

Thank you so so so much. I had the best time with Blacky in my life. I wish it would never stop I sure hope I can come again have the best time with Blacky. I really hope I see you some time else I was overjoyed to see him. The moment I stepped on the rocks and out of the car he was like my pet but sadly I have to go now. But I hope I see you again but I just want to stay but I cannot I am probably crying in the car all the way on the ferry and on the ferry I will really really miss you Blacky and Yota.

I so wish I could stay but I cannot, I will miss you guys more than anything in the World, I will never forget jocking Yota and Blacky you have been the kindest people in the World never ever forget you Yota and Blacky never never never I also I am gonna say something, I love you guys Yota and Blacky. Yota you were like a cousin or a sister an older one or an aunt or grama to me and well, of course, Blacky was like a pet to me I loved him with all my heart.

I love you Yota and Blacky!!

Have a good time!