Dear Yota,

The truth is we never planned to come to Santorini! But the Greek wind Gods decided that this is what we had to do … And how wise they were! We have had just two nights in Vinsanto – one more than necessary but once we had found Vino Houses we knew that just one could not be enough. You have been the most perfect hostess – answering every wish with grace and love. I must confess that I have been so relaxed that I have not even descended the stairs since we arrived – the house is perfect in every way and so comfortable. Oscar ran on the hill each day and we found ourselves here in total happiness. I should also add that it happened to be our 25th wedding anniversary and you made it as perfect and special as it could have been.

Yota, you are a star!

Thank you

Rosanne & Oscan

P.S. The food was f